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The Cup of Death

Book One: The Chronicles of the Dragons of the Magi


Frank A. Herda

Cover Art by Renee Warner

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Mortals, elves, magicians, and dragons represent both the world's future and its evil past. Who of them, in this battle of life and death, will ultimately triumph?

Book One of the Chronicles of the Dragons of the Magi begins millennia after the Great War, after those who had been placed in stasis are awakened. Through the labor of the First Seer and the Five Great Elemental Dragons, a simpler way of life has been created. The technology that led to worldwide destruction has been replaced by magic, while the old knowledge remains within the lost Shelter Cities.

Into this world of the ten island continents, a division between those who follow the path of life and those who follow death reemerges. Into this troubling time is born a young Magi, blessed with powers beyond his eighteen years. As an apprentice necromancer, he submits to training and tests, and quickly advances through the Guild's many degrees. But even as his powers grow, who knows if the young man's magic will prove great enough to defeat the Evil Alliance.

Target Audience:  Ages 9-12, but older readers will enjoy this Harry Potter/Eragon  type book.


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